Current Arena Squad

A few weeks back, there was a Legendary event for Rey Jedi Training. The requirements were quite mad, you needed the following at 7 stars:

  1. Finn (No problem here)
  2. Poe Dameron (Again no problem)
  3. BB8 (Tricky, Legendary toon who requires a maxed First Order Squad to get, but I got him)
  4. Veteran Han Solo
  5. Veteran Chewbacca

Now #4 and #5 killed me, you could only farm them on Cantina nodes which required 16 energy. Long story short, I needed another week or two (at minimum with 5 refreshes daily, 700 crystals daily, ouch), so I couldn’t get RJT. And guess what, more than three-quarter of the regular top 20 in my Arena shard got her, argh.

In an earlier update on my squad recently, you could see my current arena squad. That posting is here.

But of course, that squad had a roughly 40-50% win rate against Forehead Rey and gang, so I was suffering in the arena and getting too dependent on RNG. Thanks to my shardmate unatratnag, I started using this squad:

Now this squad takes apart Forehead Rey squads, and works against all other squads too, except for maybe Nightsisters. But since there’s only one guy running Nightsisters in my shard (the resident idiot), it’s not a problem, I can just switch back to Chaze for him. Having to run this squad finally gave me the incentive I needed to max out GK. Still have to tweak his mods abit and get two more Gear XII pieces, but he’s still quite solid now. Currently working on getting DN golden, should take another week or so. Interesting thing to note is that the guy I share my Arena payout with was struggling too, and guess what he did? He copied my (Una’s) lineup.  Anyway, now I don’t have issues winning in the arena again (for now).

So special thanks to Una, you can check out his YouTube channel here. Lotsa great videos and he’s a great guy too.

Sidenote: Currently farming the Veterans with less intensity (need to farm mods as well), but I definitely will be ready when Forehead Rey comes back.

Sidenote two: I was referring to Rey Jedi Training as RJT. Friend of mine called her Rey J, I didn’t like that coz I kept on thinking of Kim Kardashian. Then another shardmate of mine referred to her as “Forehead Rey”, and I’ve been using that since.

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Way back in 2005, I discovered this site called FutureMe. What this site does is that it allows you to write an email to yourself (or another person) and specify the sending date as some time in the future. It could be a few days from now, a few months, even a few years. The default options are 1, 3 and 5 years, but you’re also allowed to pick a specific date. As of now, the furthest you can send your email is 2067, I’m guessing there’s a 50 years cap or something. In addition, you also have the option of making the email Public (anonymously of course), or keep it private.

So what I’ve done is, beginning in 2005, I’ve sent an email to myself every 3 years. This email is basically a “State of Me” email, whereby I write bout what my life is currently like, what I’ve done that year, what I haven’t done, what I plan to do, etc etc etc. And every 3 years, I’ll resend the old email and add a new one on top of it (so that I won’t have to go through my mailbox hunting for the previous mails; yes, most people would think of this, but some won’t, which is why I’m mentioning it here). These emails have actually helped to show how far my life has progressed (or regressed, but fortunately, there’s always progression every 3 years thus far) and it helps to keep me grounded by reminding me where I was at at one point.

I will keep on sending emails to myself every 3 years for as long as this site is up, though with technology nowadays, I don’t see this website sun-setting anytime soon.

Anyway, use this site for whatever you feel is best for you, just don’t abuse it. The site has served me well, could serve you well too.

Link to website below:

FutureMe Website

Voice Season 13 – My Favorites

Voice season 13 concluded recently, and I wasn’t too happy with the outcome. But this posting isn’t bout bitching bout the results. What I would like to write about is my two favorites from the show.

Moriah Formica

Firstly, Moriah Formica. This pint size powerhouse is just amazing, she’s the old school rocker, something which we don’t have much of nowadays. Sadly, she didn’t even make it to the top 12 (damn you Miley), but I believe that she was still better than most of the selected top 12. Her blind audition is below:


I later found out that she’s been singing this songs at gigs, hence why she’s so good. You should check out her YouTube channel here. My fave video from her channel is the one below:

The fact that she was only 15 when this video was taken really says something bout how good she is. Somehow I feel that the songs she was given during her whole Voice journey didn’t really highlight her strengths, but I guess not everyone appreciates hard rock songs. Oh well. Hope she goes places after this, I’d love to hear more from her.

Addison Agen

Another one that I liked was Addison Agen. She’s like the total opposite of Moriah. Addison is like the flower blossom sensitive girl that’s everybody’s sweetheart. I don’t care much for her sweetness and all that, but what I like is her voice, this girl can really sing. Miley would have been kicking herself if Addison took first place, but even coming in second probably hurt her.

(Side note: my respect for Miley Cyrus has gone way way up since the voice, coz she really impressed me with her maturity, but she made two bad calls, first was letting Addison go, and second was not picking Moriah for top 12).

Anyway, my fave Addison performance is below:

Ironically, she almost got eliminated coz of this performance (thank you Adam for saving her), but I just believe Miley made a bad call.

Addison has a youtube channel too, but there’s only 2 videos there and it hasn’t been updated for 2 years, so check out her Facebook page for updates, that seems to be more active.

So the two people kept me interested in The Voice this season, though my interest did die down a bit when Moriah got eliminated. I was hoping Addison would win it, but it wasn’t meant to be. Adam has taken a liking to her though, so Addison prob has a brighter future than Moriah.

I’m looking forward to the next season of Voice, starts in February I believe. Coaches will be Adam and Blake (naturally), Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson. Let’s see what happens then.


Official Voice Page

Voice at Wikipedia

Voice YouTube Channel

SWGOH: Rancor Solo

I previously posted on my Rancor Raid solo here, and after I got CLS, I’ve used different lineups. The first was this one:

Now this was an auto on “basic” setup, though I usually had to manually do P4. Was decent enough, but then I tried a new lineup:

This lineup was faster and you could go full auto, so this was a lot more efficient (compared to the 45 mins Zader days).

Anyway, after my amazing HAAT run (you can read bout it here, I decided to try the same lineup in the Rancor Raid, and here are the results:

This lineup actually gets through the Rancor Raid faster, so I’ll prob be using this from now on. Give it a try.

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SW GOH: HAAT Progress

So I’m gonna post a little update on HAAT, you can read my last update (in July) here. So a lot has changed since then, and in my previous update, my clones were used in P2, but after a while, I ran a Princess Zody lineup in P4 instead and this was my best result:

I didn’t manage to get to 12 mil like some others did, and this was bout 70% in P4. Combined with other damages, I’d get around 10-13 mil total damage. The resistance squads were getting better results, so I was slowly gearing up my resistance.

But then I tested this new squad which features 4 legendary characters, which are Commander Luke Skywalker, Grand Admiral Thrawn, BB8, a raid character, Han Solo, and an old favorite, Admiral Akbar. I saw some others posting amazing damage with this squad so I decided to give it a shot. Couldn’t try earlier though coz I needed BB8 at 7 stars, so when I finally maxed him, I tested it out. So it took me a few tries till I got the right setup. Here’s the result:

This was a solo squad for P3 AND P4. Takes bout 45 mins to do this, but it’s really satisfying. For now, no one else in my Guild has done this, so I should be topping the HAAT for a while (provided I have time to do it). This squad is seriously amazing, there’s no other squads right now that can solo 2 phases.

Wonder if there’ll ever be a solo squad for HAAT starting from P1. 

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SW GOH Squad Update

Man it’s been ages since I’ve posted a GOH update (or any update for that matter, yes, I’ve been busy), so anyway, here’s an update on my squad right now, and man, have things changed since my last update.


So what you see above is my profile extracted from, and as you can see, I do have a somewhat decent roster (with a GP of 2.369 mil, I bloody well should). Let’s have a look at my top toons:


Looks quite good right? What you don’t see in this pic is BB8 coz he’s not geared up that high yet, though he is 7 stars. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get Rey Jedi Training (or RJT for short), but what to do, you can’t get it all, I’ll wait till she comes around again in 4 or 5 months.

Anyway, this is just a quick update on the state of my squad, I’ll be posting something on the raids soon.

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Fall TV Watchlist

So the fall TV shows started a few weeks back. I’ve been wanting to post what I’m watching this season but I’ve been rather busy, so anyway, here it is:

First up is Arrow. I’ve been watching this series since it began and I’ve liked the way the story has been going. Still think they should find less ways to torment Oliver though.

The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow
I’ve lumped these two series together because they’re all part of the Arrowverse. The first two seasons of Flash was good, but it’s somewhat slowed down a bit. This current season looks promising though. Same thing with Legends, they’re gonna need a good season this time round if they wanna get renewed.

Star Trek Discovery
The first Star Trek TV series since Enterprise is shaping up to be real good. It’s the darkest out of all the ST series (the Enterprise Xindi arc and DS9 Dominion arc were dark too, but nothing compared to this). They revamped the Klingons a lot though, and I’m still getting used to that. But it does make the Klingons look meaner.

The Blacklist
Another series I’ve been following since the start. This season looks like it’s gonna be the best ever, how Raymond is gonna build up his empire again. 

Hawaii Five-0
The departure of Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim is gonna hurt this series a bit, but so far they seem to be doing ok. Wouldn’t be surprised if GP and DDK make a cameo appearance sometime this season.

The Big Bang Theory
Not much to say here, season 11 now and renewed till season 12. And it hasn’t gotten stale either. 

Katherine McPhee, nuff said.

Seal Team
A new series this fall, it’s not as brutal as Strike Back but I still find it really good. Full season ordered, so that’s a good sign.

The Orville
This is a light Star Trek knock-off, but it’s quite entertaining. And Adrianne Palicki is in it, so that’s reason enough to watch it.

Aside from the above, I’m also watching Inhumans (which doesn’t deserve it’s own section yet), and waiting for the second wave of series to start. That will be covered in my next posting.