SW:GOH Update

A month since my last GOH update and what a month it has been. The game itself has changed a bit with the new addition of Ships. This addition will make you upgrade toons you previously didn’t care about. More on ships later. First, update on my toons:

This is my top tier now, and as you can see, it’s totally different from my last update. Good news is that I’ve finished Rey and RG, so it’s only gear, mods and abilities updates from now on.

Second tier looks good as well, main highlight is Wedge who I’m working on for my Rebel team and Old Daka for Galactic Wars. Take note of Ima-Gun Di, who I will be 5-starring soon for the Jedi Mod challenge and Grand Master challenge.

The rest of the toons have lesser priority, except for those I need for Ships, which are TIE Fighter Pilot, Mace Windu, Clone Sergeant, Tarkin and Resistance Pilot. Not actively farming them yet though, but I am gearing them up slowly. I’ve also been working on Teebo for the Rancor raids, but I’m prob gonna stop farming through GW for now in order to get Wedge’s fighter.

These are the ships I have now, and Tarkin’s ship which isn’t in the pic. Looks like I might have to start farming JC again for Ships. One nice thing bout the Ships update is that I got a whole bunch of toons, such as Mace and Tarkin. Even got shards for Akbar which let me 7-star him 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I’m loving the Ships update, adds a new dimension to the game (and gives you a lot more to do as well).

So I’ve been focusing on gear lately, stuck at gear VIII on my top toons, only QGJ is at gear X. Mod farming has been put on hold since I’m using Cantina energy to farm Wedge. Need to get him up to speed fast. Even at 4 stars he’s amazing, can’t wait till I max him out.

And the slow grind continues. 
Links below as usual, added the GOH Mod Guide link and a site that provides info on your squad.


Star Wars

Galaxy of Heroes

GOH Download

GOH Forums

GOH Mod Guide 

Squad Info Site


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