RIP Princess Leia

Gone too soon. 2016 hasn’t been a good year for celebrities. Guess everyone’s gonna wonder what’s going to happen to Episode IX now that she’s not around anymore. They’ll probably make an official announcement on this within a month.

RIP Carrie Fisher, you will be missed.


SW GOH December Update

Time for a long overdue Galaxy of Heroes update. I’ve just hit level 84 a week ago and I’m halfway to 85. 

Now on with the updates. First, here’s a look at my top toons:

I’ve spent quite a bit of time gearing up my toons. The challenge at this stage is I need lotsa gear that I can only get from Raids. Good news is that my Guild is now averaging 1 Tank Raid a week, so this will help. Other than that, I need credits to level them up, bloody credit crunch is killing me.

Next up is my Rebels. I’m proud of this squad, still a work in progress though. Except for Lando, the rest aren’t strong enough to last in the Arena. They’re doing wonders for the Tank Raid though.

My Jedis require a lot of work. QGJ and Lumi are ok, but the rest are still weak. Good news is that I managed to finish the Yoda challenge. Not gonna farm any other Jedis for now, just gonna build up the ones I have.

I’m currently farming TFP and Tarkin, but the focus here is mostly on Palpatine and TFP. Long term plan is to put them in my Arena squad. I’d love to have Shoretrooper, but he’s not farmable, dammit.

Currently farming Boba. He’ll replace Chewie in my Heist squad once he’s good enough. I can do the last tier for the droid heist, but can’t seem to do the credit heist last tier. Something I have to change soon.

This is a long-term plan with no real priority. Farming Rex through Guild Rewards but it’s gonna be really slow getting another 185 shards. Even at an optimistic rate of 10 shards a day, I’m still looking at slightly less than 3 weeks, and then there’ll be Echo and Cody to do next. At least Clone Sergeant is energy farmable, will prob start on him when I’m done with Teebo.

Oh, wanna share this also, a guide to mods, refer to image below:

This will heal you select the type of mods best suited to your toon.

Well that’s all this time, the slow grind continues. And no ships updates this time, my ships suck. Links below as usual:


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Stumbled upon this website, has lotsa cool articles on things we would wanna know but can’t be bothered doing any research about. This is what I consider a time-waster website that will help you get through the time when you’re stuck in office with no work to do (or when you’re toodoing lazy to do work), or when you’re stuck somewhere. Check out the link below.
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