Top 12 Games

Sometime last week, and old friend of mine posted one of those status updates whereby you have to pick your top 12 things. What made this diff from the usual nonsense postings is that you have to pick the top 12 games that made a lasting impression on you. Naturally I couldn’t resist, so here’s my list, and I’m including the reasons I picked the games as well:

1. Wasteland 

Aww man, I could go on and on bout this game and the sequels it spawned. I’ve wrote something regarding this already, so refer to my posting on Fallout 4 for this.

2. Autoduel

One of the earlier classics. Who could resist building your own mean machine and smashing things up? The game was based on Steve Jackson’s table top game “Car Wars”. You can download the game here.

3. Battletech: Crescent Hawks Inception

The game that started my interest in Battletech. Refer to my earlier posting on Battletech. Download the game here.

4. Pool of Radiance

The first of the Gold Box SSI games. An RPG based on the ADnD universe, bloody brilliant. This was from the Forgotten Realms series and there were 3 sequels after that, not to mention 3 other separate series (The Krynn trilogy, Savage Frontier and Buck Rogers (only one that wasn’t ADnD)), for a total of 11 games, and I’ve played them all. Download them at Good Old Games or Abandonia.

5. Pirates! (Original)

This game taught me a lot about the age of Piracy. The first game was ahead of time, and the sequel (17 or so years later) was just as good. Read about the game here

6. Civilization

Another game that spawned lots of sequels, 5 to be exact, not to mention a few spinoffs. The first 4X game I played. Read bout the series here.

7. Fallout

Despite the fact the game came out ages ago, I only first played it in 2008 or something. Loved it. Refer to my earlier posting on Fallout.

8. Uncharted

I was never into console games, but that was before Uncharted came along. This game is the reason I got a PS3. Read bout the series here. Once I’m done with Fallout 4, I’m gonna start playing Uncharted 4. And take note that this is the only console game in my list.

9. Mech Commander

Another game I absolutely loved. The mechanics of the game didn’t follow Battletech rules, but that didn’t matter coz the gameplay was great. Storyline on the first one was better than the second though, despite the second having cooler Mechs. Read bout the game here.

10. Master of Orion

A 4X game that spawned 3 sequels, including one that came out last year that I’ve yet to play. Read bout the game here. No links to download the game (legally) though, it’s still copyrighted.

11. Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Another of my fave franchise. This game made me read a lot about the Three Kingdoms era. They just came out with number XIII, but my fave is still XI.

12. Nobunaga’s Ambition 2
I never played NA 1, hence why I’m mentioning 2. This is a game I still crank up occasionally.Set in 16th century Japan, technically a 4X game. Download the game here.

If you’re into old games and/or if you wanna relive the old days, do check out the links below:

Abandonia – One of the best sites for Abandonware games
Dosbox – Best DOS emulator around


SW GOH:Rebels

Today I’d like to talk bout my Rebels squad, my current fave squad. If you read my previous posts, I always mention that I’m slowly building up my Rebels. They’re quite good now, but still far from the finished article. Here they are:

The first row consists of my main Rebels, and you can see the second row has 3 Rebels from Rogue One. I’m still waiting for them to come up with Jedi Luke though, but lately it’s all been bout the Rogue One Rebels. 

Anyway, as you can see, Biggs is my most powerful Rebel right now, mainly due to me recently upgrading him to gear IX. One gear short of gear X, but since that requires Raid gears, that’ll take a while.

Lando is at gear X and needs one more gear to XI, but unfortunately, the gear he needs is the same one Wedge and Stormtrooper Han need, and it’s a Raid gear too, so it’ll go to Wedge first. I’ll have to decide if Lando or SH gets the next one, will worry bout that when the time comes.

I’ve slowly been putting good mods on them, in fact last night I just put in some better mods for Leia. I use her a lot in GW so might as well make her stronger. Most of the rest have good mods, but it’s still a work in progress generally. Getting the right sides mods are tough. Mod guideline below for reference (this image is just so good).

 K2 has all the mods in place, just haven’t fully upgraded them, damned credit crunch. K2 will be brutal once I’m done with him, good tank to have. Will gear and level him up when I have time (and energy and credits).

Not gonna do anything with Luke for now, will prob build him up for fun later down the line. Pathfinder and Bistan are slowly being built up, mostly coz I can use them in Ships. But no priority at all right now, if I happen to see a + at their gear and no one else needs the gear, then I’ll gear them up (provided I have enough credits to level them up).

Not many Rebels that I don’t have, but unfortunately, the bottom row (except for Lobot) are all the powerful ones. My guild is gonna start Heroic raids soon, so by my rough calculations, I should have Han Solo after 29 raids, which at a rate of 1 raid every 4 days, will take 116 days. And that’s for 5 stars, not gonna do the maths for 7 stars.

Anyway, the Rogue One toons are the cool ones, they’re really tough to get though, so I can forget bout them for now.

I’ve put Wedge, Biggs and Lando in my Arena squad now. Annoying thing is that almost everyone is using the same lineup, urgh. Oh well, with more upgrades, mods,  gear, my Rebels will be brutal. Links below.


Star Wars
Galaxy of Heroes
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GOH Forums
GOH Mod Guide
Squad Info Site

Fallout 4

Ah, my first posting of the year, way overdue actually. So today, I’m gonna talk bout the following:

Yes, after much much delay, I finally got round to getting a PS4. I got lucky, my nephew decided to sell his PS4, coz apparently kids are into PC games nowadays. So I got it at slightly less than half the price of a new set, and he hardly used it anyway. The deal was that Fallout 4 was part of the package, so it worked out for me. I’ll just have to buy another controller sometime soon.

Anyway, I can’t talk bout Fallout without giving credit to Wasteland. Wasteland was a game that I played that came out way back in 1988 (yes, my age is showing). It was an RPG, but what was unique was that Wasteland did not use the typical RPG character classes. Instead, there were skills and you were free to put whatever type of skills you wanted on your own characters and turned them into whatever you wanted (brawler, techie, medic, sharpshooter, wimp, etc). Wasteland had no level cap and they allowed you to replay the game with the same characters again and again. The game was so good that you didn’t get bored of repeating the same quests. My only complain would be bout the weapons, the progression was from one weapon type (pistol, SMG, Energy Weapons, etc), so after a while you stopped using the smaller guns. This is something they fixed in Fallout and Wasteland 2. Anyway, read more bout the game or play the game, links at the end of this post.I would also like to add that Michael Stackpole was involved with the game, easily one of the best authors around (and my favorite). Link to his website is below as well.

So anyway, there was always plans to make Wasteland 2, but shit happened so they decided to make Fountain of Dreams, which was supposed to be a pseudo sequel. The game was crap, so the less said bout it the better.

They did eventually make Wasteland 2, this finally happened a few years ago and it started with a kickstarter campaign that performed beyond expectations. The game was brilliant, really loved it. And the irony is that WL2 used quite a few concepts from Fallout (which btw was considered a spiritual successor to WL). 

Anyway, back to Fallout. So in between WL and WL2, the developers of WL decided to make Fallout. Again, the game was brilliant, I’ve played Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and now I’m playing Fallout 4. There was even a mobile game called Fallout Shelter. What’s not to love bout the series? Retro-futuristic post-apocalyptic with lots of action and humor thrown in. The game uses lots of concepts from Wasteland, and each new version is much better than the previous version (though some people say Fallout 3 was the best). Fallout 1 and 2 had gameplay similar to what Wasteland 2 turned out to be (guess you can say WL2 followed Fallout’s gameplay), where else 3, NV and 4 is the typical FPS RPG. I forgot to mention that all WL and Fallout games use a free-roaming concept, so you’re free to do whatever you want at your own pace.

 I’ve only been playing Fallout 4 for less than 2 weeks, but the game seems to be more epic than the previous ones (and I never managed to finish all the quests in the previous ones). But it’s been great thus far, messing up my sleep though, but that’s the price you pay for a good game. I’ll prob have more updates somewhere down the line.

All links below, I’d love to put more, but getting links is tough when you’re posting from a phone.


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