SW GOH:Empire

The focus for the month of Feb according to Capital Games is on the Empire, so it’s only appropriate that I talk bout my Empire squad. Here’s how it looks like right now:

Royal Guard is pretty much done, just a little gear and mods here and there. Palpatine needs more gear (and mods, recurring theme here). Vader will be a slow grind, I’ve no idea where the 92 shards are gonna come from, only 15 or so left in Achievements and even that’s quite far off. TFP is on track, gotta boost him up for the tank raid. Tarkin needs gear and mods. Shoretrooper is a bit of a problem. At least he’s farmable now, but I can’t get to the battle where I can farm him yet, so he’s gonna take ages, I’d say a month and a half to two months.

The new Empire toons, Death Trooper and Krennic are restricted to events and packs now. I’m not gonna whale, so no idea when they’ll be maxed out. Signs are there that these two toons will be brutal though. No priority on the rest, if I happen to get shards, I’ll take it, but I prob won’t farm. 

Overall, it’s gonna be fun when my Empire squad is up to speed. Even now in the Arena, you can slowly see Empire squads creeping in. New META perhaps?

Links below:

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And a new link, a site with great game info:

Crouching Rancor


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