SW GOH: Galactic Wars

So my GW has been interesting the past few days. In nodes 9 and 11, I get hit with brutal teams like these:

All mad teams right? My node 12 used to be like that too, but lately, I’ve been getting teams like these:

Not that I’m complaining much, heh, but it is a bit funny.

I basically have 3 “killer” squads for GW:

Main Squad: Phasma (Lead), QGJ, Rey, GS and Leia initially, and Leia and GS get swapped out for RG and Lumi somewhere down the line.

Rebels Squad: Wedge (Lead), Biggs, Akbar, Lando, Leia. Leia will get swapped for SH by node 11 or earlier. I don’t put SH in so early coz he usually gets taken out.

Sith Squad: DN (Lead), Vader, EP, Dooku, Boba. Boba is in this squad for now until I level up Savage, occasionally I’ll put in Sith Trooper if a sacrifice is required.

All the other toons I have will be used as and when required. On a good day, I won’t need any other squads and I don’t lose any toons or squads before node 11. If I recall correctly, I’ve only failed to complete GW 3 times in the past few months, so that’s quite good. All the GW credits have helped a lot, not to mention the normal and fleet credits you get by completing it. Hope my GW remains like this or gets easier, I’ve heard that some people are struggling in the last few nodes. That’s the thing with the (flawed) RNG, you never know what you’re gonna get.

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SW GOH: Han Solo Unlocked!!

So after playing the game since August, this happened last night:

Took lotsa Rancor raids, but I’ve finally unlocked him, second to do so in the Guild after the Guild leader. By my calculations, it’ll take another 27 raids to 7-stars him, and at the current rate of 5 Rancor raids every 2 weeks for my Guild, it’ll take 11 weeks or so to max him. That means I should have him maxed sometime in June. No real rush, but it’ll be fun to see how he’s like when he’s maxed out. 

Wonder when we’ll be able to get General Kenobi, guild can’t do Heroic Tank yet. Oh well, one step at a time.

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SW GOH: Squad Updates

When I first started playing the game, I didn’t care much bout squad synergies coz I was too busy concentrating on getting toons. Now that my squad is more mature, I’ve been looking at the synergies. So I’m gonna talk bout a few of the squads I’ve been working on.

First up is my Jawa squad. This is a brutally slow grind coz JE is only available via Guild Rewards, Nebit via Arena Rewards and JS via Cantina Rewards. JS is moving the fastest right now since he’s from the Cantina, Nebit will move once I’m done with Savage, Datcha once I’m done with Ships farming in GW, and JE is painfully slow coz I’ll need Guild credits and he’s not the only one I’m farming through the Guild Rewards. No real rush with this squad, and there’s a “Droids fight back” event this week, which will give me much needed shards, and this brings me to my next squad:

Ah, the droids. I’ve got four 7-stars droids, just need to level and gear them up. I’ve got Magnaguard there just to make up the numbers, but I’m looking forward to getting Chopper. And in a Droids squad, you basically need only 4 toons anyway since JE will take up the final slot. Moving on:

My Clone Troopers are slowly getting better. With Rex done, I can focus on Cody and Echo, but since they’re only available through Guild Rewards, it’ll be a bit slow. My immediate target is to get the lesser three to six stars minimum so that I can test them in the Tank Raid, and prob GW too. CS is being farmed daily through Hard Battles so he’s moving a bit faster than Cody and Echo.

I’ve saved the best for last, this is my second fave squad after my Rebels. Getting Nihilus from the event last week boosted my interest in the Sith, that and the rework they did on the Sith. Sith Trooper is there to make up the numbers for now, but as you can see, Savage is on the way and he’ll slot in once he’s up to speed. This squad has been kicking ass in GW, especially against Jedi squads (somehow there’s a lot in GW). Vader at Gear X is also brutal, despite him being 6 stars only. Starring him up is the challenge now. I should have EP at gear X within the next 2 weeks, so that’ll make a bigger diff. Now all I have to do is figure out how to farm DN without spending money.

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