SW GOH Links

When I first started this blog, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to put links at the bottom of all my postings, but since I’m always posting bout Galaxy of Heroes, it’s getting a bit tiring updating the links in every posting, so therefore, all the link will be in this post and I’ll just put a link to this post in every GOH related posting. Should have thought of this earlier, but I’m known to have my blur moments occasionally.


Star Wars

Galaxy of Heroes

GOH Download

GOH Forums

GOH Mod Guide

Squad Info Site

Crouching Rancor

Roster Progress Indicator

Farming calculator
META Report
ahnaldt101 videos
mcmole2 videos, lots of Raid guides here


Author: theimmortalwarrior

A Father, a Husband, a Son, a Brother, a Friend. Liverpool supporter, loves sci-fi stuff, embraces technology, a not so hardcore gamer, and a man of many other interests.

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