SW GOH: Han Solo Unlocked!!

So after playing the game since August, this happened last night:

Took lotsa Rancor raids, but I’ve finally unlocked him, second to do so in the Guild after the Guild leader. By my calculations, it’ll take another 27 raids to 7-stars him, and at the current rate of 5 Rancor raids every 2 weeks for my Guild, it’ll take 11 weeks or so to max him. That means I should have him maxed sometime in June. No real rush, but it’ll be fun to see how he’s like when he’s maxed out. 

Wonder when we’ll be able to get General Kenobi, guild can’t do Heroic Tank yet. Oh well, one step at a time.

Link to the links below:

GOH Links


Author: theimmortalwarrior

A Father, a Husband, a Son, a Brother, a Friend. Liverpool supporter, loves sci-fi stuff, embraces technology, a not so hardcore gamer, and a man of many other interests.

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