SW GOH: Squad Updates

First post in April and it’s an update on the status of my squads. First up, Phoenix Squadron:

The Sabine event is in 2 days, so by then, I’ll have the whole of Phoenix Squadron. Haven’t done anything to them, and I prob won’t until they’re farmable, which will prob happen in a few months. No point doing anything now, don’t need a squad of 3-stars, unless they’re required for an event or something. Maybe I’ll gear them up once I’m done with the other squads. Moving on to the rest of the Rebels:

The highlight is on the 2nd row, as you can see, I finally have Baze and Chirrut unlocked. Gearing up Baze and slowly farming Chirrut. Need them for my Arena squad, haven’t been able to break top 20 for a while. Farming Baze will be a challenge, can’t unlock the battle yet.

On to a bit of good news, only one clone left to farm, slowly gearing them up now. Focusing on Rex coz I wanna throw him into my Arena squad, the rest will be geared up once I’m done with Rex.

The not so good part now, Jawa farming is ridiculously slow. Just starred up Datcha, and Scavenger will be starred up when I have credits (damned credit crunch). JE is progressing very slowly, and I haven’t done anything with the other two yet. Nebit will start when I’m done with Sideous, which brings me to the final squad for today:

Ahh, my Sith. Been gearing up DN, and I’m still waiting for the bloody Mk VIIs to gear up EP. Finally unlocked Maul, though farming him will be slow. Savage is done and Sideous is being farmed. My Zader should also be ready in a few weeks, Sith squad looking really good now. If only I could farm DN, oh well.

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