Commando #5000

So I picked up the latest batch of Commandos from the magazine shop. This is bout 2 months worth of issues since I didn’t have time to pick it up last month. The highlight of this batch is issue #5000. Haven’t read it yet but since I usually read the issues sequentially, but I can bet it’ll be a cracking one. My wife keeps on complaining that they’re taking up too much space. Must find a more efficient way of storing (and displaying) them soon.

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Taekwondo Belt Rack

Finally got my belt rack. Been wanting toto get this for ages, but it’s a bit difficult to find one for Taekwondo online, there’s lotsa Karate ones though, and the ones I did manage to find was a bit pricey. In the end, I managed to get a friend to custom make this for me, and he refused to accept any payment too.

These are all my original belts, I’ve kept them throughout the years. The black belt is my second one though, I lost my first belt. I first put on the white belt way back in 1986. Perhaps if I didn’t stop for 20 years, I’d have a 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree black belt to display too. Oh well, no point on dwelling on what could have been. 

I’ve set myself a target of 5th Dan by 55, hopefully if I remain in good health, God willing, I’ll be able to achieve that.

Picture below.


Underrail is a game that I played last year. It’s an old school type of game with gameplay similar to Fallout 2. The game was a bit challenging (I didn’t finish it actually, stuck at the last stage), but what I liked most was the character development portion of the game, reminded me a lot of the first Wasteland, whereby there’s no character classes and you’re free to develop whatever type of character you want. I also liked the free roaming concept of the game. It’s always fun when you’re free to do whatever you want in whatever order you want.

Check it out, the game kept me busy for months. 

Links below:
Underrail on Steam
Official Underrail Website
Underrail at GOG

SW GOH: Arena Squad

Today’s post will be about my current Arena squad. First up, the leader:

Rex is one of the game’s MVPs. You can pair him up with anyone in the game. His tenacity up special helps counter the Sith toons. He’s at gear X right now, but I’ll have him up to XI by tonight. 

Next up is the Wiggs combo. Supposedly the old META, but I still see then around a lot in my shard. The strategy to dealing with them is taking either one out, coz they’re not so effective without each other. They work well for me and I usually can take out two toons before I lose either one of them. 

A recent addition to my Arena squad. I used to have RG, but by usually by the time RG can taunt, it’s too late. Baze has helped me climb up to top 20 in Arena. Getting him to gear XI is challenging though, too many tank raid gear required. It’s the same problem I’m having with the last member of my Arena squad.

Gear crunch yet again, but even a 4-stars DN at Gear X is deadly. His annihilate makes lotsa difference in Arena battles.

Overall, my Arena squad have good mods, right now I have Rex at 227 speed, and the rest (except for Baze) are quite fast too. I’m slowly farming Baze and DN, but it’s gonna take forever to star them up. Quite happy with the lineup right now, let’s see how long I can continue to use them. 
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SW GOH: Yet Another Squad Update 

Didn’t realize I’ve been slacking on my updates, so much for making a posting at least once a week. Oh well, will try to update more frequently. Anyway, squad updates time.

First thing is an update on my current arena squad. Yes, the power is nothing to shout bout coz I’ve got two 4-stars toons there, but this lineup has allowed me to get as high as #11 in the Arena. Having challenges breaking top 10, but this will do for now. Good news is that I can farm Baze and DN now, but it’s gonna be a really really slow farm, but still, better than nothing. Need a furnace set for Rex to hit Gear XI. Baze and DN to gear XI will be a bit of a challenge though.

I’ve finished farming the clones and they’re all levelled up, but the gear crunch is killing me. One bit of good news is that I should Zeta Cody by this week. Still need to gear them up though.

As for the Ewoks, currently farming Chirpa. It’s a bit of a slow farm though coz I’m spending half of the Cantina energy on mods. Should have Teebo up to gear XI by this week.

Jawas are progressing, Nebit should be done in bout 10 days and JE hopefully within 2 weeks. Not focusing on Jawa at the moment. Usual gear crunch applies here.

Everyone is focusing on Empire squads right now for the upcoming R2 event. My squad should be good enough, though I plan on leveling and gearing up Tarkin before the event starts on Thurs.

That’s all the squad updates for now. I plan on doing some individual toon updates this month, key word here being “plan”.  
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