SW GOH: Arena Squad

Today’s post will be about my current Arena squad. First up, the leader:

Rex is one of the game’s MVPs. You can pair him up with anyone in the game. His tenacity up special helps counter the Sith toons. He’s at gear X right now, but I’ll have him up to XI by tonight. 

Next up is the Wiggs combo. Supposedly the old META, but I still see then around a lot in my shard. The strategy to dealing with them is taking either one out, coz they’re not so effective without each other. They work well for me and I usually can take out two toons before I lose either one of them. 

A recent addition to my Arena squad. I used to have RG, but by usually by the time RG can taunt, it’s too late. Baze has helped me climb up to top 20 in Arena. Getting him to gear XI is challenging though, too many tank raid gear required. It’s the same problem I’m having with the last member of my Arena squad.

Gear crunch yet again, but even a 4-stars DN at Gear X is deadly. His annihilate makes lotsa difference in Arena battles.

Overall, my Arena squad have good mods, right now I have Rex at 227 speed, and the rest (except for Baze) are quite fast too. I’m slowly farming Baze and DN, but it’s gonna take forever to star them up. Quite happy with the lineup right now, let’s see how long I can continue to use them. 
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