My Current Phones

Yes, the title says phones, coz I carry two phones. I do this because when I started doing sales in 2009, my customer (a local telco) was not too pleased that I was using a diff telco, and since I had that line for 9 years (at that time), and since I don’t believe in changing numbers for no reason (I can’t understand why people like doing that), I decided to get another phone line. Add to the fact that in ’09, Blackberries were in so I decided to get another line so that I could get the package (a bit expensive paying outright for a phone nowadays). Plus since I was gonna carry two phones, I decided to park work calls under one number and personal calls under the other. Worked out for me in the end. Just for reference, at that time, I was using a Blackberry Curve Javelin and a Sony Ericsson k750i.

Anyway, fast forward to today, first phone I’m using is an iPhone 6s. This is my third iPhone, after the 4 and 5. I did consider getting the 7 but the price was a bit too steep for a phone just marginally better than the 6s, and I’d be without headphones too. Plus I got the 128GB model, so space is not gonna be a problem for me. I got this phone in March, so it’s relatively new, and since the 7 came out, it’s a lot cheaper too. I got the same phone for my wife last year but her 64GB model is on a more expensive package compared to mine. 

The other phone I’m using is a Huawei P9 Plus, which I absolutely love. The phone is just superb, comes with 64GB memory, and I got a 64 GB memory card too (one advantage of most phones, the memory card slot, only Apples don’t have this). So again, space is not an issue. And since I have so much space, I’ve got all the Star Wars Movies (except Rogue One, must copy that soon), Transformers the Movie (the original from 1986), and Top Gun on my memory card. I also have the complete TKD encyclopedia, TKD patterns videos, and the complete collection of Asterix and Tintin on my memory card. Talk bout nothing better to do with space right? Heh.

The P9 is my second Android phone, the first was an Honor 5x, which was a decent phone too for the price you pay. Finally went Android after three Blackberries. Honestly, I still would have stuck to the BlackBerry if they still made good phones, but sadly,  didn’t happen that way, oh well.

I’ve been using the P9 since July last year, will prob use it for another year or two. Good phones can last, my iPhone 5 lasted for almost 4 years, until the batt died on me. 

So yeah, a totally random posting bout something that’s not gonna interest anyone. 

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SW GOH: Ahsoka and Thrawn

Been busy so I forgot to provide and update for Thrawn and Ahsoka.

Firstly, Ahsoka, she’s not a legendary toon so it’s one of those events where you have to spend money to max her out. I of course wanted to buy my wallet said otherwise, so here’s what I have now:

I’ve maxed out her level and her abilities are waiting for the Omega and Zeta upgrades, but since she’s not geared up fully, I’m not gonna do that yet. I’ve been focusing more on my Arena squad and HAAT toons so she’s not a priority, plus I can’t use her in the raids anyway. The mods she has are mostly placeholders except for 1 or 2. But it’s damn good that finally I’ve got my Rebels Ahsoka, been making noise bout her to my guildmates since Dec. 

Managed to unlock Thrawn as well, trying to get him to 6 stars before the event ends tomm, but it’s gonna be touch and go. Not gonna do anything to him yet though, coz I can’t use him in Raids. I’ll only work on him if he becomes meta or if I have nothing better to do.

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SW GOH: Arena Squad Update

Early last month, I posted about the Arena squad I was using at that time, you can read that here. I also posted about my first #1 finish at the beginning of this month here

Well a lot has changed since then, I was finishing at #1 regularly until last week, when I started alternating first place with another guy. Somehow we managed to work out an understanding without communicating with each other. Refer to diagram below:

So it’s been consistent 1-2 finishes the past week and that’s helped my crystals count. My arena squad has also changed as you can see below:

I got rid of Wiggs and put in R2 and Chirrut, big diff to my squad. Now I can beat any squad unless I get really bad RNG. I’ve also managed to star up Baze and DN, geared them up and I’ve got some better mods in. My DN has +95 speed coz of mods, and that’s without using speed mods. This squad of course can still be improved, R2 and Chirrut need more gear, not to mention more stars for DN, Baze and Chirrut. Better mods will always help too.

Anyway, this team works for now so I’m sticking to it. Hopefully the new Thrawn doesn’t change the meta.

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Been a bit quiet this month, but have I got news for you. This happened last night:

Yes, after several attempts, my Guild has finally managed to complete HAAT for the first time ever. Must give credit to the Guild leader for carrying us through it. So no more NAAT, it’s HAAT all the way now. Good news is that it should be easier to recruit heavy hitters since we’re HAAT ready.

Onwards to General Kenobi, nevermind the fact that it’ll still take a few months for me to unlock him, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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SW GOH: #1 in Arena

Before I get into my story, just like to explain how the GOH arena works. Beginning at midnight, you are given 5 battles for the next 24 hours and you can use those battles to fight other players. If you win, you’ll take their current spot while they will move to your current spot, and if you lose, you’ll stay where you are. For example, you’re at #25 and you fight #20 and win, you move up to #20 and he drops to #25. The twist is that you can only fight certain number of people in front of you based on your current position, so forget bout fighting #1 if you’re at anything below #5. Anyway, payout is at 1800 in your time zone (or the time zone your game is registered in). Diff people will have diff payouts, and generally, people don’t mess around when it’s not their payout, but of course, in every game, there’s ALWAYS assholes who like to disturb another person’s payout for no reason.

So anyway, I’ve been hovering in the top 10, and sometimes top 20, but somehow, the stars were aligned in my favor yesterday. This happened:

For the first time ever, I managed to finish #1 in the Arena. Previously, my highest finish was only #3. Was really lucky too, the idiot at #4 sniped me and I only noticed when there was 7 mins remaining, good thing I managed to beat him. Don’t know how often I can pull this off coz I can’t beat everyone in my Arena shard, but damn it was good to finish #1.

One big diff yesterday is I added on an extra piece of gear to Baze, and that made some diff. Last night, I geared him up to Gear XI, wonder how much diff that’ll make in the Arena today, hmm. Guess I’ll find out later.

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