SW GOH: Arena Squad Update

Early last month, I posted about the Arena squad I was using at that time, you can read that here. I also posted about my first #1 finish at the beginning of this month here

Well a lot has changed since then, I was finishing at #1 regularly until last week, when I started alternating first place with another guy. Somehow we managed to work out an understanding without communicating with each other. Refer to diagram below:

So it’s been consistent 1-2 finishes the past week and that’s helped my crystals count. My arena squad has also changed as you can see below:

I got rid of Wiggs and put in R2 and Chirrut, big diff to my squad. Now I can beat any squad unless I get really bad RNG. I’ve also managed to star up Baze and DN, geared them up and I’ve got some better mods in. My DN has +95 speed coz of mods, and that’s without using speed mods. This squad of course can still be improved, R2 and Chirrut need more gear, not to mention more stars for DN, Baze and Chirrut. Better mods will always help too.

Anyway, this team works for now so I’m sticking to it. Hopefully the new Thrawn doesn’t change the meta.

Links to links below:

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