So my Guild had another HAAT raid last night, and for the first time, I managed to finish second and got the following rewards:

Yeah, I also got second coz some of heavy hitters didn’t hit, but that’s the way raids work, blink and you miss it.  Quite a decent drop for the rewards, and it allowed me to put two gears on my Fives:

Not gonna get him to gear XI all that soon coz I’m focusing on other toons, but still, good gear drop.

Anyway, managed to get some personal bests last night, first up, the clones:

Yeah, it’s only a 200k increase from my last raid, but it’s still a personal best. Almost got Jawa Scavanger to gear IX (farming the damned stun cuffs, last gear needed to go up a level), but the additional pieces of gear I put on him since the last raid made a diff. Him surviving longer means 212 has a better chance of hitting non stop.

My Chirpatine did a lot better too. I need to gear up my 3 tanks and get better mods on them to make this squad better.

Finally, my Rebels. This was my 2nd run, first run had bad RNG. Need to figure a way to improve this damage.

Next HAAT should be on Monday night, let’s see what happens then.

Links below as usual.


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