SW GOH: Heroic Rancor Solo

If you’ve been following my posts, then you should know that my Guild has been doing Heroic Rancor since Feb, and that my Han Solo has been maxed for quite a while already. However, the Rancor raid is still important coz of the gear you get. 

Since my Han is maxed, I usually just target top 10 placing for the better gear drops, but I am capable of soloing the raid. I’ve done that with two diff squads, here’s the first:

This was done with the “traditional” Rancor solo squad. Problem with the above is that it’s tedious and even though you can auto certain portions on basic attack only, it’s pretty much manual work, and it’s long, takes close to an hour. I’ve only done this once just to prove I could solo it, but I’m prob not gonna bother again. Plus this run got a bit scary coz I lost TFP in P4. Maybe it’ll be better if my Phasma gears up.

The above was done a few days ago and I finally got my Zader team to work. This lineup still requires manual work but it’s a bit faster. Notice that Rex scores less damage on this lineup compared to the first one, so that alone shows how much faster this squad is. My GMT will prob do better once he’s geared up more. 

I’ll prob be experimenting with diff lineups somewhere down the line. Will post updates when that happens.


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