Soundtrack: The Crow

As the description in my blog says, I am a man of many interests, and I just realized that I haven’t written about my love of music. Of course talking about how much I love music and what types of songs I listen to and what not is gonna be really long, and I’m not ready to write about that yet, so I’m gonna narrow it down (a lot) and just talk about one of my favorite movie soundtracks, the soundtrack from the Crow.

A little bit about the movie before I start talking about the songs. This movie is of course famous for being the last movie that Brandon Lee made, and was based on a comic book. It was tragic that he died on the set while making this movie. I loved his movies, watched almost all of them. One day I’ll write bout my fave movie starring Brandon Lee.

Anyway, on to the soundtrack. Back in the day, when there were no mp3 players (even mp3s didn’t exist then), and when I had to listen to cassettes  (CD Players were still a bit expensive then), you had to rely on making your own mix tapes to have a good playlist of songs that you wanted to listen to. So this soundtrack was something you could just listen to end-to-end, everything was good. I’m gonna highlight a few of my fave tracks.


The soundtrack starts off strongly with the song “Burn” by the Cure. This song is still in my playlist up till today. It’s by the Cure, nothing more has to be said.

The next song is “Big Empty” by Stone Temple Pilots. Another great song. But what else can you expect from STP? RIP Scott Weiland.

Next song is “Dead Souls” by Nine Inch Nails. Just found out that NIN weren’t the original singers as I was writing this post.

“Time Baby III” is a funny name for a song, and I’ve never heard of the group “Medicine” (even up till today I don’t know who they are), but this song was very nice and catchy in a sorta Gothic like way.


So if you have time, do look up the soundtrack and listen to it, and watch the movie too. I’ll be writing more about music and Soundtracks in future.


Crow Soundtrack Information

Movie Info at Wikipedia

The Crow at IMDB

Brandon Lee



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