SW GOH: Best Rancor Raid Drop

So I’ve decided to focus all my gear farming on Commander Luke Skywalker since I unlocked him. A lot of the guys in my Arena Shard have been using him, so my daily climb has been getting tougher lately. There was a rancor raid last night and by far, I got the best drop ever:

So why was this drop the best ever? Well look below:

Three gear slots coz of the raid rewards. I was already in the process of farming the damned stun cuffs, so even that 16 pieces I got made a diff. So now all I have to do is farm another 40 cuffs and he’ll be at Gear X and I can throw him in the arena and retire my Rex (sob sob). Not that I really wanna retire Rex, but two of the mods on him will have to be moved to CLS so that’s gonna kill his effectiveness in the arena. 

I’ve been testing a lineup of CLS lead, Leia, R2 and Chaze in GW and it’s quite good, but Leia is too squishy for Arena so I’ll leave DN in until my Han is ready. Han is gonna take me at least a month though, urgh. 

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SW GOH: CLS Unlocked

Been a while since my last GOH post (22 days, but who’s counting). It’s been quite interesting lately because CG pulled a fast one and caught everyone off-guard. We all somewhat knew that Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS) was coming, but no one knew exactly when. But the thing that shocked (and pissed off) everyone was the requirements to unlock CLS. Here they are, 7-stars required for all:

1. Luke Skywalker – a few people got annoyed, but since the flash event started 2 months ago, I made it a point to star up my Luke. Plus I wanted the 3 Zetas from the flash event, so I maxed out my Luke more than a month ago.

2. Stormtrooper Han – Not a problem for most people, cause he’s one of the first few toons you should have when you play the game. Even my alternate account has him maxed.

3. Princess Leia – again, not a problem for most, coz this is another toon you should max out (by right) in the early days.

4. R2D2 – this annoyed a few people, coz some didn’t have him maxed, and they surprised everyone by suddenly pulling the Yoda event and running the R2 event again. Again, this shouldn’t be an issue, coz if you didn’t get him or max him out the first time the event came out, then you should have started preparing the squad already. (Take note, prep your Phoenix, I’ve maxed most of them out since the Thrawn event ended).

And the final requirement:

5. Obi Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)

Yes, Obi Wan Kenobi (Old Ben). I’ll let that sink in for a while. This massively pissed EVERYONE off. Ok, well almost everyone. Apparently Old Ben was META early last year or something, so some of the older players have him. But most don’t, and even someone like me who has been playing for a year (GOH anniversary was on August 7th) did not have him unlocked, I only had 32/80 shards. So the mad farming began. My entire Cantina energy went to farming OB, 3 refreshes (100 crystals each) per day, and one lucky chromium drop (80 shards), and by the time the event started, I was bout 120 shards away from max or something. Fast forward to Sat night, and this happened:

Finally managed to unlock him. I had to add on 3 200-crystals refreshes towards the end, not that I needed it really, but I was pressured after seeing everyone unlock him. Plus he was starting to pop-up in GW and my Arena, so I had to unlock him fast. Btw, there’s a nice video of the event done by my Arena shardmate, can view it below:

I’m starting to build him up, but it’s gonna take a while. Here’s where I have him at now:

Those 3 remaining gears for IX are stun cuffs, stun guns and syringes, the killer gears. Good thing I’ve got the furnace out of the way. Hoping to get him to IX by the end of the week. CLS is quite brutal leading a rebel squad, lots of videos online. Plus he can solo the Rancor Raid (no surprise, he whacked the Rancor in the movies) and is good in HAAT P3.

So the META is gonna change now, I’ll also have to build up Han Solo soon, he works well with CLS.

The endless grind continues….

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Game of Thrones S07E04 Thoughts

It’s that time of the week again. As usual, here is the preview of the next episode:

If you haven’t watched episode 4, stop reading now.


  1. Arya reaches Winterfell. Long overdue.
  2. Arya sits in Winterfell looking around. Long Overdue.
  3. Arya and Sansa. Long overdue.
  4. Arya looks like the most deadly Stark right now. Since she has a Valerian Steel dagger now, I won’t be surprised if she starts chopping down White Walkers.
  5. Daenarys is just bad ass.
  6. Drogon is awesome.
  7. There goes the Lannister Army. And they looked so good in episode 3 too.
  8. Medieval air support anyone?
  9. What was Jaime thinking charging Drogon like that.
  10. Good thing Bronn saved Jaime, I think he shouldn’t die and should live to the end to see what his sister did.
  11. I hope Drogon is ok. Looks like he’s fine in the trailer for episode 5. But it’ll be stupid if a dragon gets killed just coz of one bolt.

Just 3 more episodes left, sigh.


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Soundtrack: Transformers the Movie

One of the first things I did when I got to the states in 97 was hunt for this album, the soundtrack to Transformers the Movie. The movie was great, and the soundtrack made it even better. I’m gonna list down my fave tracks in order of appearance in the movie.

The first track didn’t actually appear in the album, but is worth mentioning because it’s awesome:

Who can forget that opening scene with Unicron showing what he could do to a planet.

The next track takes place when the Decepticons attacked the Autobot shuttle:

This song was quite appropriate for the scene coz the Decepticons were tearing apart the Autobots. I was quite upset though coz they took out some of my fave Autobots. Oh well.

Next track was Hot Rod’s scene, and I consider this Hot Rod’s theme song for the movie. It’s played again later on when they’re attacking Unicron.

The nice part was when they synchronized the chorus with when Hot Rod rammed the roadblock. 

For the next track, enjoy the video of the scene that shows how badass Optimus was.

Again, credit to the people who picked the songs for choosing something really appropriate for the scene. This song is also played again towards the end of the movie.

Next song from the underwater scene after the shuttle crashes on Quintessa.

Nevermind the fact that there’s water on a planet with no atmosphere, this scene was still awesome.

Last track, from the part when Hot Rod and Kup fight the Sharkticons:

The part when Slag (or Slug as they call him now) and says “Excuse me” is just priceless.

Great movie, great soundtrack. 


Transformers the Movie Wiki
Soundtrack Info

Game of Thrones S07E03 Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the latest episode of GOT yesterday, but before that, the trailer for the next episode:

If you haven’t watched episode 3, stop reading now.  


1. Cersei is just pure evil. Credit to Lena Headey for playing the role so well.

2. The Sand Snakes are definitely gone, sad end to them 😦

3. Tyrion has been outmaneuvered big time. But I believe he will come good.

4. Exit the Tyrells, and Dorne isn’t really gone but they’re stuck on the island with no leadership, so technically gone.

5. Sansa is cool.

6. No Arya 😦

7. One reunion down, one more reunion to go. 

8. Will Theon rescue his sister? Episode 4 trailer implies that. 

9. The Unsullied are in trouble. No ships and no food.

10. Sansa is cool.

11. Olenna Tyrell is pure class.

12. The Lannister Army looked awesome.

On to episode 4.


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