Game of Thrones S07E03 Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the latest episode of GOT yesterday, but before that, the trailer for the next episode:

If you haven’t watched episode 3, stop reading now.  


1. Cersei is just pure evil. Credit to Lena Headey for playing the role so well.

2. The Sand Snakes are definitely gone, sad end to them 😦

3. Tyrion has been outmaneuvered big time. But I believe he will come good.

4. Exit the Tyrells, and Dorne isn’t really gone but they’re stuck on the island with no leadership, so technically gone.

5. Sansa is cool.

6. No Arya 😦

7. One reunion down, one more reunion to go. 

8. Will Theon rescue his sister? Episode 4 trailer implies that. 

9. The Unsullied are in trouble. No ships and no food.

10. Sansa is cool.

11. Olenna Tyrell is pure class.

12. The Lannister Army looked awesome.

On to episode 4.


Episode 2 Thoughts


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