Soundtrack: Transformers the Movie

One of the first things I did when I got to the states in 97 was hunt for this album, the soundtrack to Transformers the Movie. The movie was great, and the soundtrack made it even better. I’m gonna list down my fave tracks in order of appearance in the movie.

The first track didn’t actually appear in the album, but is worth mentioning because it’s awesome:

Who can forget that opening scene with Unicron showing what he could do to a planet.

The next track takes place when the Decepticons attacked the Autobot shuttle:

This song was quite appropriate for the scene coz the Decepticons were tearing apart the Autobots. I was quite upset though coz they took out some of my fave Autobots. Oh well.

Next track was Hot Rod’s scene, and I consider this Hot Rod’s theme song for the movie. It’s played again later on when they’re attacking Unicron.

The nice part was when they synchronized the chorus with when Hot Rod rammed the roadblock. 

For the next track, enjoy the video of the scene that shows how badass Optimus was.

Again, credit to the people who picked the songs for choosing something really appropriate for the scene. This song is also played again towards the end of the movie.

Next song from the underwater scene after the shuttle crashes on Quintessa.

Nevermind the fact that there’s water on a planet with no atmosphere, this scene was still awesome.

Last track, from the part when Hot Rod and Kup fight the Sharkticons:

The part when Slag (or Slug as they call him now) and says “Excuse me” is just priceless.

Great movie, great soundtrack. 


Transformers the Movie Wiki
Soundtrack Info


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