Fall TV Watchlist

So the fall TV shows started a few weeks back. I’ve been wanting to post what I’m watching this season but I’ve been rather busy, so anyway, here it is:

First up is Arrow. I’ve been watching this series since it began and I’ve liked the way the story has been going. Still think they should find less ways to torment Oliver though.

The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow
I’ve lumped these two series together because they’re all part of the Arrowverse. The first two seasons of Flash was good, but it’s somewhat slowed down a bit. This current season looks promising though. Same thing with Legends, they’re gonna need a good season this time round if they wanna get renewed.

Star Trek Discovery
The first Star Trek TV series since Enterprise is shaping up to be real good. It’s the darkest out of all the ST series (the Enterprise Xindi arc and DS9 Dominion arc were dark too, but nothing compared to this). They revamped the Klingons a lot though, and I’m still getting used to that. But it does make the Klingons look meaner.

The Blacklist
Another series I’ve been following since the start. This season looks like it’s gonna be the best ever, how Raymond is gonna build up his empire again. 

Hawaii Five-0
The departure of Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim is gonna hurt this series a bit, but so far they seem to be doing ok. Wouldn’t be surprised if GP and DDK make a cameo appearance sometime this season.

The Big Bang Theory
Not much to say here, season 11 now and renewed till season 12. And it hasn’t gotten stale either. 

Katherine McPhee, nuff said.

Seal Team
A new series this fall, it’s not as brutal as Strike Back but I still find it really good. Full season ordered, so that’s a good sign.

The Orville
This is a light Star Trek knock-off, but it’s quite entertaining. And Adrianne Palicki is in it, so that’s reason enough to watch it.

Aside from the above, I’m also watching Inhumans (which doesn’t deserve it’s own section yet), and waiting for the second wave of series to start. That will be covered in my next posting. 


Site Update!!

No, this Blog is not dead!! Towards the end of August, specifically after my last update, my schedule suddenly got really mad. And between work, holidays, increased Galaxy of Heroes game time (due to the launch of some new content), and catching up on all the TV series, I haven’t had a chance to update anything on my blog.

To be fair, Game of Thrones episode 5 was a big anti-climax after what happened in episode 4, so I  didn’t feel like writing my thoughts on episode 5 and then episodes 6 and 7 were a bit overwhelming, so again I didn’t get round to writing bout it.

A lot has been happening on the GOH front too, so I guess I wasn’t sure where to start with that.

Anyway, October looks like it’s gonna be another hectic month, but I’ll try to squeeze in a little postings here and there. GOH has been taking up a lot of my time, so that’s prob what I’ll update first. Will also give my thoughts on the fall TV series I’m watching this season as well.

So stay tuned, after a month without any postings, there’s definitely gonna be a few this month.