SW GOH: HAAT Progress

So I’m gonna post a little update on HAAT, you can read my last update (in July) here. So a lot has changed since then, and in my previous update, my clones were used in P2, but after a while, I ran a Princess Zody lineup in P4 instead and this was my best result:

I didn’t manage to get to 12 mil like some others did, and this was bout 70% in P4. Combined with other damages, I’d get around 10-13 mil total damage. The resistance squads were getting better results, so I was slowly gearing up my resistance.

But then I tested this new squad which features 4 legendary characters, which are Commander Luke Skywalker, Grand Admiral Thrawn, BB8, a raid character, Han Solo, and an old favorite, Admiral Akbar. I saw some others posting amazing damage with this squad so I decided to give it a shot. Couldn’t try earlier though coz I needed BB8 at 7 stars, so when I finally maxed him, I tested it out. So it took me a few tries till I got the right setup. Here’s the result:

This was a solo squad for P3 AND P4. Takes bout 45 mins to do this, but it’s really satisfying. For now, no one else in my Guild has done this, so I should be topping the HAAT for a while (provided I have time to do it). This squad is seriously amazing, there’s no other squads right now that can solo 2 phases.

Wonder if there’ll ever be a solo squad for HAAT starting from P1. 

Anyway, links to links below:

GOH Links


Author: theimmortalwarrior

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