SWGOH: Rancor Solo

I previously posted on my Rancor Raid solo here, and after I got CLS, I’ve used different lineups. The first was this one:

Now this was an auto on “basic” setup, though I usually had to manually do P4. Was decent enough, but then I tried a new lineup:

This lineup was faster and you could go full auto, so this was a lot more efficient (compared to the 45 mins Zader days).

Anyway, after my amazing HAAT run (you can read bout it here, I decided to try the same lineup in the Rancor Raid, and here are the results:

This lineup actually gets through the Rancor Raid faster, so I’ll prob be using this from now on. Give it a try.

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Author: theimmortalwarrior

A Father, a Husband, a Son, a Brother, a Friend. Liverpool supporter, loves sci-fi stuff, embraces technology, a not so hardcore gamer, and a man of many other interests.

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