Voice Season 13 – My Favorites

Voice season 13 concluded recently, and I wasn’t too happy with the outcome. But this posting isn’t bout bitching bout the results. What I would like to write about is my two favorites from the show.

Moriah Formica

Firstly, Moriah Formica. This pint size powerhouse is just amazing, she’s the old school rocker, something which we don’t have much of nowadays. Sadly, she didn’t even make it to the top 12 (damn you Miley), but I believe that she was still better than most of the selected top 12. Her blind audition is below:


I later found out that she’s been singing this songs at gigs, hence why she’s so good. You should check out her YouTube channel here. My fave video from her channel is the one below:

The fact that she was only 15 when this video was taken really says something bout how good she is. Somehow I feel that the songs she was given during her whole Voice journey didn’t really highlight her strengths, but I guess not everyone appreciates hard rock songs. Oh well. Hope she goes places after this, I’d love to hear more from her.

Addison Agen

Another one that I liked was Addison Agen. She’s like the total opposite of Moriah. Addison is like the flower blossom sensitive girl that’s everybody’s sweetheart. I don’t care much for her sweetness and all that, but what I like is her voice, this girl can really sing. Miley would have been kicking herself if Addison took first place, but even coming in second probably hurt her.

(Side note: my respect for Miley Cyrus has gone way way up since the voice, coz she really impressed me with her maturity, but she made two bad calls, first was letting Addison go, and second was not picking Moriah for top 12).

Anyway, my fave Addison performance is below:

Ironically, she almost got eliminated coz of this performance (thank you Adam for saving her), but I just believe Miley made a bad call.

Addison has a youtube channel too, but there’s only 2 videos there and it hasn’t been updated for 2 years, so check out her Facebook page for updates, that seems to be more active.

So the two people kept me interested in The Voice this season, though my interest did die down a bit when Moriah got eliminated. I was hoping Addison would win it, but it wasn’t meant to be. Adam has taken a liking to her though, so Addison prob has a brighter future than Moriah.

I’m looking forward to the next season of Voice, starts in February I believe. Coaches will be Adam and Blake (naturally), Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson. Let’s see what happens then.


Official Voice Page

Voice at Wikipedia

Voice YouTube Channel


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