Way back in 2005, I discovered this site called FutureMe. What this site does is that it allows you to write an email to yourself (or another person) and specify the sending date as some time in the future. It could be a few days from now, a few months, even a few years. The default options are 1, 3 and 5 years, but you’re also allowed to pick a specific date. As of now, the furthest you can send your email is 2067, I’m guessing there’s a 50 years cap or something. In addition, you also have the option of making the email Public (anonymously of course), or keep it private.

So what I’ve done is, beginning in 2005, I’ve sent an email to myself every 3 years. This email is basically a “State of Me” email, whereby I write bout what my life is currently like, what I’ve done that year, what I haven’t done, what I plan to do, etc etc etc. And every 3 years, I’ll resend the old email and add a new one on top of it (so that I won’t have to go through my mailbox hunting for the previous mails; yes, most people would think of this, but some won’t, which is why I’m mentioning it here). These emails have actually helped to show how far my life has progressed (or regressed, but fortunately, there’s always progression every 3 years thus far) and it helps to keep me grounded by reminding me where I was at at one point.

I will keep on sending emails to myself every 3 years for as long as this site is up, though with technology nowadays, I don’t see this website sun-setting anytime soon.

Anyway, use this site for whatever you feel is best for you, just don’t abuse it. The site has served me well, could serve you well too.

Link to website below:

FutureMe Website


Author: theimmortalwarrior

A Father, a Husband, a Son, a Brother, a Friend. Liverpool supporter, loves sci-fi stuff, embraces technology, a not so hardcore gamer, and a man of many other interests.

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