Current Arena Squad

A few weeks back, there was a Legendary event for Rey Jedi Training. The requirements were quite mad, you needed the following at 7 stars:

  1. Finn (No problem here)
  2. Poe Dameron (Again no problem)
  3. BB8 (Tricky, Legendary toon who requires a maxed First Order Squad to get, but I got him)
  4. Veteran Han Solo
  5. Veteran Chewbacca

Now #4 and #5 killed me, you could only farm them on Cantina nodes which required 16 energy. Long story short, I needed another week or two (at minimum with 5 refreshes daily, 700 crystals daily, ouch), so I couldn’t get RJT. And guess what, more than three-quarter of the regular top 20 in my Arena shard got her, argh.

In an earlier update on my squad recently, you could see my current arena squad. That posting is here.

But of course, that squad had a roughly 40-50% win rate against Forehead Rey and gang, so I was suffering in the arena and getting too dependent on RNG. Thanks to my shardmate unatratnag, I started using this squad:

Now this squad takes apart Forehead Rey squads, and works against all other squads too, except for maybe Nightsisters. But since there’s only one guy running Nightsisters in my shard (the resident idiot), it’s not a problem, I can just switch back to Chaze for him. Having to run this squad finally gave me the incentive I needed to max out GK. Still have to tweak his mods abit and get two more Gear XII pieces, but he’s still quite solid now. Currently working on getting DN golden, should take another week or so. Interesting thing to note is that the guy I share my Arena payout with was struggling too, and guess what he did? He copied my (Una’s) lineup.  Anyway, now I don’t have issues winning in the arena again (for now).

So special thanks to Una, you can check out his YouTube channel here. Lotsa great videos and he’s a great guy too.

Sidenote: Currently farming the Veterans with less intensity (need to farm mods as well), but I definitely will be ready when Forehead Rey comes back.

Sidenote two: I was referring to Rey Jedi Training as RJT. Friend of mine called her Rey J, I didn’t like that coz I kept on thinking of Kim Kardashian. Then another shardmate of mine referred to her as “Forehead Rey”, and I’ve been using that since.

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