Liverpool Vs Manchester United 17th October 2016

It’s that time of the year for one of the biggest matches of the season. The time above is UK time, so that means that the match will be at 3 am on Tuesday morning here, bloody hell. All because the Premier League wants to maximize their TV revenues, oh well, that’s the nature of the game. Anyway, look at the current table below:

Because of the weekend results, Liverpool is in a good position to go joint top with a win, or even top if the win is by more than 3 goals. I’m not gonna write a preview of the game, there are a lot of websites already doing that, but I will write bout how I feel bout this game.

I absolutely HATE it when this match comes around, facing the Mancs is the most stressful match of the season. You can’t predict it, anything can happen. My heart will be beating furiously non-stop for the whole 90 minutes.The fact that I will have to be awake at an ungodly hour to watch the game is only gonna compound my feelings. I love watching my beloved reds play, hell, I even watch the pre-season friendlies, but this game is very taxing on the nerves. 

But having said that, the game could not have come at a better time. The boys are on form, and even though Lallana and Wijnaldum are doubtful, the squad now has enough depth so the lineup should still be pretty strong. But again, we’re facing the Mancs, anything can happen, and we’ve been victims of dodgy refereeing in the past. A friend of mine did say though that Mourinho is in charge now, and refs don’t like him so that might work in our favor.

Whatever happens, I have faith in our boys and in Klopp. Whatever the results, I will walk on with hope in my heart and I will never walk alone.

Come on you Reds!!!


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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Slightly over two months ago, I was browsing Facebook and I saw a screenshot that an old friend of mine uploaded. The screenshot was from this game called “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes”. Now at that point, I was playing this Star Trek game and while I have seen GOH in the play store, I didn’t consider trying it out because franchise games usually aren’t that good. But this old friend of mine was someone who I knew did not play crappy games, so I decided to download the game and try it out.

Man, I regret not starting the game earlier. I’ve been totally hooked on it, and what I like most bout the game is that you can time your logins, you don’t have to constantly logon non-stop, unlike most other games that require you to revolve your life around it. 

So after 2 months plus, here are the characters I have:

The characters are from all the movies and the Clone Wars cartoon, none from Rebels yet though, and they’re already making preps for characters from Rogue One.

The gameplay is straightforward, nothing unique, turn-based combat, lots of other games follow this format. In fact, I once played a China game based on the Three Kingdoms which followed the same format. It’s a freemium game, you can play it without spending money, and it’s very much time-based so you don’t have to worry bout some idiot spending tons of cash and progressing far easily. Strategy is key with this game.

It’s not an easy game, but the thrill of unlocking your fave characters is just so cool, not to mention the thrill of making those characters powerful. 

Try out the game, I’ll be posting regular updates on my progress.


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The First Time is Always the Hardest

So after all those years of saying to myself that I would never do a blog, here I am finally doing one. I have to highlight though that way back in 96, I did have a website and I did write bout what I did and so on, but back then the term “blog” did not exist, so this is considered my first ever blog posting.

Anyway, why did I decide to write a blog? Well in a nutshell, there’s only so many things that I can post on FB, and since my FB profile is somewhat restricted, it is a bit pointless to write things there when what I intend to write are things that are non-personal or private, and are things that I want to share with openly with anyone who has access to the Internet.

So what am I gonna write about? Well this blog will be full of things that I like, such as Liverpool FC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Punisher, Battletech, Transformers, Babylon 5, Wasteland  and many others, I can’t even list down all the things I like. There might be the occasional rants too, though I’m gonna work very hard to keep that to a minimum.

So why now? Well I’m not getting any younger, and while my memory is still sharp, I can’t remember everything, so it would be nice if all my thoughts were online somewhere for me to refer to. At the same time, this is also something I wanna leave behind for my kids, they can understand a little on what their father liked.

How often will I post? Well, I don’t dare make any commitments here, let’s see how it goes. But what I can say is that my 2nd post will probably be within 24 hours. After that, as I said, we’ll see how it goes.

Lastly, I will include in links on what I write, just my little effort towards educating the masses.

So that’s my first posting done. Wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be.