SW GOH: Best Rancor Raid Drop

So I’ve decided to focus all my gear farming on Commander Luke Skywalker since I unlocked him. A lot of the guys in my Arena Shard have been using him, so my daily climb has been getting tougher lately. There was a rancor raid last night and by far, I got the best drop ever:

So why was this drop the best ever? Well look below:

Three gear slots coz of the raid rewards. I was already in the process of farming the damned stun cuffs, so even that 16 pieces I got made a diff. So now all I have to do is farm another 40 cuffs and he’ll be at Gear X and I can throw him in the arena and retire my Rex (sob sob). Not that I really wanna retire Rex, but two of the mods on him will have to be moved to CLS so that’s gonna kill his effectiveness in the arena. 

I’ve been testing a lineup of CLS lead, Leia, R2 and Chaze in GW and it’s quite good, but Leia is too squishy for Arena so I’ll leave DN in until my Han is ready. Han is gonna take me at least a month though, urgh. 

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SW GOH: CLS Unlocked

Been a while since my last GOH post (22 days, but who’s counting). It’s been quite interesting lately because CG pulled a fast one and caught everyone off-guard. We all somewhat knew that Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS) was coming, but no one knew exactly when. But the thing that shocked (and pissed off) everyone was the requirements to unlock CLS. Here they are, 7-stars required for all:

1. Luke Skywalker – a few people got annoyed, but since the flash event started 2 months ago, I made it a point to star up my Luke. Plus I wanted the 3 Zetas from the flash event, so I maxed out my Luke more than a month ago.

2. Stormtrooper Han – Not a problem for most people, cause he’s one of the first few toons you should have when you play the game. Even my alternate account has him maxed.

3. Princess Leia – again, not a problem for most, coz this is another toon you should max out (by right) in the early days.

4. R2D2 – this annoyed a few people, coz some didn’t have him maxed, and they surprised everyone by suddenly pulling the Yoda event and running the R2 event again. Again, this shouldn’t be an issue, coz if you didn’t get him or max him out the first time the event came out, then you should have started preparing the squad already. (Take note, prep your Phoenix, I’ve maxed most of them out since the Thrawn event ended).

And the final requirement:

5. Obi Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)

Yes, Obi Wan Kenobi (Old Ben). I’ll let that sink in for a while. This massively pissed EVERYONE off. Ok, well almost everyone. Apparently Old Ben was META early last year or something, so some of the older players have him. But most don’t, and even someone like me who has been playing for a year (GOH anniversary was on August 7th) did not have him unlocked, I only had 32/80 shards. So the mad farming began. My entire Cantina energy went to farming OB, 3 refreshes (100 crystals each) per day, and one lucky chromium drop (80 shards), and by the time the event started, I was bout 120 shards away from max or something. Fast forward to Sat night, and this happened:

Finally managed to unlock him. I had to add on 3 200-crystals refreshes towards the end, not that I needed it really, but I was pressured after seeing everyone unlock him. Plus he was starting to pop-up in GW and my Arena, so I had to unlock him fast. Btw, there’s a nice video of the event done by my Arena shardmate, can view it below:

I’m starting to build him up, but it’s gonna take a while. Here’s where I have him at now:

Those 3 remaining gears for IX are stun cuffs, stun guns and syringes, the killer gears. Good thing I’ve got the furnace out of the way. Hoping to get him to IX by the end of the week. CLS is quite brutal leading a rebel squad, lots of videos online. Plus he can solo the Rancor Raid (no surprise, he whacked the Rancor in the movies) and is good in HAAT P3.

So the META is gonna change now, I’ll also have to build up Han Solo soon, he works well with CLS.

The endless grind continues….

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SW GOH: Heroic Rancor Solo

If you’ve been following my posts, then you should know that my Guild has been doing Heroic Rancor since Feb, and that my Han Solo has been maxed for quite a while already. However, the Rancor raid is still important coz of the gear you get. 

Since my Han is maxed, I usually just target top 10 placing for the better gear drops, but I am capable of soloing the raid. I’ve done that with two diff squads, here’s the first:

This was done with the “traditional” Rancor solo squad. Problem with the above is that it’s tedious and even though you can auto certain portions on basic attack only, it’s pretty much manual work, and it’s long, takes close to an hour. I’ve only done this once just to prove I could solo it, but I’m prob not gonna bother again. Plus this run got a bit scary coz I lost TFP in P4. Maybe it’ll be better if my Phasma gears up.

The above was done a few days ago and I finally got my Zader team to work. This lineup still requires manual work but it’s a bit faster. Notice that Rex scores less damage on this lineup compared to the first one, so that alone shows how much faster this squad is. My GMT will prob do better once he’s geared up more. 

I’ll prob be experimenting with diff lineups somewhere down the line. Will post updates when that happens.


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So my Guild had another HAAT raid last night, and for the first time, I managed to finish second and got the following rewards:

Yeah, I also got second coz some of heavy hitters didn’t hit, but that’s the way raids work, blink and you miss it. ¬†Quite a decent drop for the rewards, and it allowed me to put two gears on my Fives:

Not gonna get him to gear XI all that soon coz I’m focusing on other toons, but still, good gear drop.

Anyway, managed to get some personal bests last night, first up, the clones:

Yeah, it’s only a 200k increase from my last raid, but it’s still a personal best. Almost got Jawa Scavanger to gear IX (farming the damned stun cuffs, last gear needed to go up a level), but the additional pieces of gear I put on him since the last raid made a diff. Him surviving longer means 212 has a better chance of hitting non stop.

My Chirpatine did a lot better too. I need to gear up my 3 tanks and get better mods on them to make this squad better.

Finally, my Rebels. This was my 2nd run, first run had bad RNG. Need to figure a way to improve this damage.

Next HAAT should be on Monday night, let’s see what happens then.

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SW GOH: HAAT Progress

Been more than a month since my guild started doing HAAT, and I’ve made a bit of progress since the first raid. We’ve just finished our 9th raid and we managed to do it in 3 and a half hours, that’s a far cry from the 36 hours for our first raid.

Just gonna share the damage of my main squads:

First up, the droids for P2:

This is one of my crappiest squads (Only the Jedis are worse, and don’t count the makeshift squads). All of them are stuck at gear VIII so no surprise that their damage is bad. Once I finish my P3 squad, I’m gonna see what I can do bout them. For now, I just tweak the mods every now and then.

This damage was from the raid tonight. My clones have made the biggest progress, from 300k in the first raid to 2.8 mil as per above. Getting all of them to gear X made the big diff, an increase of 1 mil damage from the previous raid. Need to gear up Scavanger though. For now, I’ll slowly get them to gear XI and tweak the mods every now and then

This squad needs lots of improvement. Ironically, I was getting 600k damage with Teebotine. Need to boost up Sun Fac and get better mods for the rest, this will be my next focus.

My Rebels, all time faves. Sadly, this was from the last raid and I only got 1.4 mil tonight, bad RNG. Farming stun cuffs for Leia and once that’s done, I can concentrate on the Chirpatine squad. Will prob have to tweak the mods also, had to restart 4 times tonight coz Leia kept on dying.

Aside from the squads above, I also have a Zader squad, but the damage is not worth mentioning. Need lotsa work this squad.

I’m also farming Finn to round up my resistance squad, but he’s a few weeks away, plus I’ll have to level, mod and gear up the rest of the Resistance too, only Rey is ready. My best estimate is a month and a half to get them ready.

Need to start getting better damage, my 4th place finish tonight was my best (thanks to the clones), but I’m usually 5-7. Better placing means better rewards.

And the endless grind continues.

Btw, Ewoks events this week, let’s see how much changes there’ll be.

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SW GOH: Blunder of the day

So woke up at around 6 am today, usual time I wake up on a working day. My first-thing-in-the-morning routine (everyday) will usually start with taking a piss, drinking a glass of water, having a morning smoke and opening GOH. Typically, in the morning, the free Bronzium will be available, and that’s the first thing I normally tap. So today, as I swiped to the left, thinking that I swiped enough, I accidentally tapped on the quad chromium packs instead of the Bronzium, and because I was half asleep, I didn’t realize I did the wrong thing until after I tapped. By right it should have been a minor annoyance, coz I was saving crystals to buy the packs anyway, but here was the drop I got:

This was by far the shittiest of all shitty drops. Even the 10 Gar Saxon shards didn’t compensate for the others. Yeah, I got 50 Poe shards that I don’t need which will go to my shard shop credits, but bloody hell, talk bout a freaking waste of crystals.

Moral of the story:

When you’re half asleep, don’t check GOH.

Must say that my blunder woke me up straight away though. But again, Urgh.

Definitely not what I envisioned my first post in July to be. 

Hopefully the Rancor raid drops tonight will be good, I haven’t gotten furnace drops for 7 raids. Urgh again.

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SW GOH: Ahsoka and Thrawn

Been busy so I forgot to provide and update for Thrawn and Ahsoka.

Firstly, Ahsoka, she’s not a legendary toon so it’s one of those events where you have to spend money to max her out. I of course wanted to buy my wallet said otherwise, so here’s what I have now:

I’ve maxed out her level and her abilities are waiting for the Omega and Zeta upgrades, but since she’s not geared up fully, I’m not gonna do that yet. I’ve been focusing more on my Arena squad and HAAT toons so she’s not a priority, plus I can’t use her in the raids anyway. The mods she has are mostly placeholders except for 1 or 2. But it’s damn good that finally I’ve got my Rebels Ahsoka, been making noise bout her to my guildmates since Dec. 

Managed to unlock Thrawn as well, trying to get him to 6 stars before the event ends tomm, but it’s gonna be touch and go. Not gonna do anything to him yet though, coz I can’t use him in Raids. I’ll only work on him if he becomes meta or if I have nothing better to do.

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