Game of Thrones S07E04 Thoughts

It’s that time of the week again. As usual, here is the preview of the next episode:

If you haven’t watched episode 4, stop reading now.


  1. Arya reaches Winterfell. Long overdue.
  2. Arya sits in Winterfell looking around. Long Overdue.
  3. Arya and Sansa. Long overdue.
  4. Arya looks like the most deadly Stark right now. Since she has a Valerian Steel dagger now, I won’t be surprised if she starts chopping down White Walkers.
  5. Daenarys is just bad ass.
  6. Drogon is awesome.
  7. There goes the Lannister Army. And they looked so good in episode 3 too.
  8. Medieval air support anyone?
  9. What was Jaime thinking charging Drogon like that.
  10. Good thing Bronn saved Jaime, I think he shouldn’t die and should live to the end to see what his sister did.
  11. I hope Drogon is ok. Looks like he’s fine in the trailer for episode 5. But it’ll be stupid if a dragon gets killed just coz of one bolt.

Just 3 more episodes left, sigh.


Episode 3 Thoughts



Game of Thrones S07E03 Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the latest episode of GOT yesterday, but before that, the trailer for the next episode:

If you haven’t watched episode 3, stop reading now.  


1. Cersei is just pure evil. Credit to Lena Headey for playing the role so well.

2. The Sand Snakes are definitely gone, sad end to them 😦

3. Tyrion has been outmaneuvered big time. But I believe he will come good.

4. Exit the Tyrells, and Dorne isn’t really gone but they’re stuck on the island with no leadership, so technically gone.

5. Sansa is cool.

6. No Arya 😦

7. One reunion down, one more reunion to go. 

8. Will Theon rescue his sister? Episode 4 trailer implies that. 

9. The Unsullied are in trouble. No ships and no food.

10. Sansa is cool.

11. Olenna Tyrell is pure class.

12. The Lannister Army looked awesome.

On to episode 4.


Episode 2 Thoughts

Game of Thrones S07E02 Thoughts

I watched the latest episode of GOT last night, so before I give my comments on the episode, here’s the trailer for episode 3:

If you haven’t watched episode 2, stop reading now.


Still here? Ok, here’s what I thought of the episode:

1. The Sand Snakes are gone 😦 Yes, one survived (for now), but they’re basically gone. Pity, would have loved watching them kick ass.

2. Nymeria didn’t follow Arya. Again, this is for now, but I was hoping of a better reunion. At least Arya is on the way back to Winterfell, can’t wait for her reunion with Sansa.

3. The Sand Snakes are gone 😦

4. Euron Greyjoy is a badass. He was just chopping down everyone for fun.

5. How did Yara’s fleet get caught so off guard? Yes, it was night, but Euron knew where to look.

6. Balerion was a huge Dragon. 

7. One of the dragons will die, prob not Drogon though.

8. Lyanna Mormont is a badass, she steals every scene she’s in.

9. The Sand Snakes are gone 😦

10. Is Dorne out of the picture now?

11. Theon the wimp. Will he ever redeem himself?

12. Poor Ellaria. 

Looking forward to episode 3.


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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 2 Preview

So I have this habit, my blog sometimes stays quiet for weeks, and when I start posting, there’s multiple updates a day.

Anyway, I’ve been following GOT since the beginning, and no, I’m not one of those who jumped on the bandwagon when the series became popular. I watched the first episode when it was released, liked what I saw and continued watching until today, and this is with me not knowing who George R.R. Martin was until after I started watching the TV series. And no, I still haven’t read the books yet, purists can say what they want but I like good television.

Ok, whole point of this post is to post the link to the trailer for episode 2, check it out below:

Episode 1 was awesome. Yes, it was a “setup” episode for things to come, but it was done really well. I was expecting Arya to slaughter Ed Sheeren and gang though, but that didn’t happen.

I usually hate Mondays, but now that GOT is in-season, I kinda look forward to it. FYI, because of the time zone I’m in, GOT comes out in the morning here, so I can only watch it at night when I get back from work.

Can’t wait for episode 2. Looks like Arya finds Nymeria, that’ll be one hell of a reunion. 


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