Site Update!!

No, this Blog is not dead!! Towards the end of August, specifically after my last update, my schedule suddenly got really mad. And between work, holidays, increased Galaxy of Heroes game time (due to the launch of some new content), and catching up on all the TV series, I haven’t had a chance to update anything on my blog.

To be fair, Game of Thrones episode 5 was a big anti-climax after what happened in episode 4, so I¬† didn’t feel like writing my thoughts on episode 5 and then episodes 6 and 7 were a bit overwhelming, so again I didn’t get round to writing bout it.

A lot has been happening on the GOH front too, so I guess I wasn’t sure where to start with that.

Anyway, October looks like it’s gonna be another hectic month, but I’ll try to squeeze in a little postings here and there. GOH has been taking up a lot of my time, so that’s prob what I’ll update first. Will also give my thoughts on the fall TV series I’m watching this season as well.

So stay tuned, after a month without any postings, there’s definitely gonna be a few this month.



Blog update

11 days since my last update, longest since I started this blog. No, I haven’t given up, just that I haven’t had the time to post any updates lately. Will post some stuff within the next few days, including a GOH update and a post on a comic I read growing up. Stay tuned….

The First Time is Always the Hardest

So after all those years of saying to myself that I would never do a blog, here I am finally doing one. I have to highlight though that way back in 96, I did have a website and I did write bout what I did and so on, but back then the term “blog” did not exist, so this is considered my first ever blog posting.

Anyway, why did I decide to write a blog? Well in a nutshell, there’s only so many things that I can post on FB, and since my FB profile is somewhat restricted, it is a bit pointless to write things there when what I intend to write are things that are non-personal or private, and are things that I want to share with openly with anyone who has access to the Internet.

So what am I gonna write about? Well this blog will be full of things that I like, such as Liverpool FC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Punisher, Battletech, Transformers, Babylon 5, Wasteland¬† and many others, I can’t even list down all the things I like. There might be the occasional rants too, though I’m gonna work very hard to keep that to a minimum.

So why now? Well I’m not getting any younger, and while my memory is still sharp, I can’t remember everything, so it would be nice if all my thoughts were online somewhere for me to refer to. At the same time, this is also something I wanna leave behind for my kids, they can understand a little on what their father liked.

How often will I post? Well, I don’t dare make any commitments here, let’s see how it goes. But what I can say is that my 2nd post will probably be within 24 hours. After that, as I said, we’ll see how it goes.

Lastly, I will include in links on what I write, just my little effort towards educating the masses.

So that’s my first posting done. Wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be.