My Current Phones

Yes, the title says phones, coz I carry two phones. I do this because when I started doing sales in 2009, my customer (a local telco) was not too pleased that I was using a diff telco, and since I had that line for 9 years (at that time), and since I don’t believe in changing numbers for no reason (I can’t understand why people like doing that), I decided to get another phone line. Add to the fact that in ’09, Blackberries were in so I decided to get another line so that I could get the package (a bit expensive paying outright for a phone nowadays). Plus since I was gonna carry two phones, I decided to park work calls under one number and personal calls under the other. Worked out for me in the end. Just for reference, at that time, I was using a Blackberry Curve Javelin and a Sony Ericsson k750i.

Anyway, fast forward to today, first phone I’m using is an iPhone 6s. This is my third iPhone, after the 4 and 5. I did consider getting the 7 but the price was a bit too steep for a phone just marginally better than the 6s, and I’d be without headphones too. Plus I got the 128GB model, so space is not gonna be a problem for me. I got this phone in March, so it’s relatively new, and since the 7 came out, it’s a lot cheaper too. I got the same phone for my wife last year but her 64GB model is on a more expensive package compared to mine. 

The other phone I’m using is a Huawei P9 Plus, which I absolutely love. The phone is just superb, comes with 64GB memory, and I got a 64 GB memory card too (one advantage of most phones, the memory card slot, only Apples don’t have this). So again, space is not an issue. And since I have so much space, I’ve got all the Star Wars Movies (except Rogue One, must copy that soon), Transformers the Movie (the original from 1986), and Top Gun on my memory card. I also have the complete TKD encyclopedia, TKD patterns videos, and the complete collection of Asterix and Tintin on my memory card. Talk bout nothing better to do with space right? Heh.

The P9 is my second Android phone, the first was an Honor 5x, which was a decent phone too for the price you pay. Finally went Android after three Blackberries. Honestly, I still would have stuck to the BlackBerry if they still made good phones, but sadly,  didn’t happen that way, oh well.

I’ve been using the P9 since July last year, will prob use it for another year or two. Good phones can last, my iPhone 5 lasted for almost 4 years, until the batt died on me. 

So yeah, a totally random posting bout something that’s not gonna interest anyone. 

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