Stumbled upon this website, they’ve got lotsa cool martial arts articles there. Link below:

What I like most bout this site is when they expose the fake “masters” out there. Spend some time going through it if you’re into Martial Arts.



Stumbled upon this website, has lotsa cool articles on things we would wanna know but can’t be bothered doing any research about. This is what I consider a time-waster website that will help you get through the time when you’re stuck in office with no work to do (or when you’re toodoing lazy to do work), or when you’re stuck somewhere. Check out the link below.
Cheat Sheet

Full Scale Millenium Falcon

This popped up on my FB timeline, a link I shared 3 years ago, something my friend uploaded. It was regarding a full scale Millenium Falcon being built for Episode VII. That link is here.

This article reminded me of a fan full scale Falcon project. You can check out their progress here.

Must catch up on their progress, been a while since I checked out the site. The last time I checked, they didn’t have an FB page like they do now.


Star Wars Official Site
Full Scale Falcon Project
Episode VII Falcon Article


Dagobah Diorama

Stumbled upon a cool article on a diorama bout the Dagobah scene from Empire Strikes Back. Not gonna post any images here, but you can check out the article using the link at the bottom of this post.

Must highlight that the website, Urban Ghosts, is a website that I regularly check out every now and then. They have lotsa cool articles on abandoned buildings and old military equipment. Check out the rest of the site if you have time.


Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Empire Strikes Back at IMDB
Dagobah Diorama
Urban Ghosts

The Open Office

Someone shared a great article on the recently popular open office concept. Link to the article is below:


The author of this article got it spot-on. I’m not really a fan of this article. You need some form of privacy when you’re doing work, and what you want see when you look up from your laptop (or whatever else you use to do work) is your own cubicle, not the faces of your colleagues (unless you have a very pretty colleague, but that’s a whole diff story already). You can’t choose who you work with, and even if you own the company, you can’t get away from hiring someone who is a miracle worker but comes packaged together with eccentricities.

I’ve had quite a number of jobs my whole life, and there’s always that one weirdo who I wished would get fired, or at the very least transferred ASAP. I don’t need to look at this person’s face everyday. 

For me, cubicles are the way to go, doesn’t have to be high cubicles even, just high enough so that I don’t see anyone while I’m seated down. Sometimes you’re in the zone when you’re doing work, and you have your game face on. You don’t need that to be spoiled by your colleague doing gross stuff to his face.