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Just got the latest batch of Commandos over the weekend:

Still haven’t gotten round to doing an inventory of my collection, don’t know if I’ll ever get round to doing it. Anyway, usual links below.


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Battletech is a series that I’ve been following for a long time, since the late 80s actually. I was first introduced to it through the PC game Battletech: The Crescent Hawk’s Inception. The game itself was brilliant, and the follow up The Crescent Hawk’s Revenge was one of the first real-time  games.

Anyway, the first Battletech Novel I read was Warrior: Coupe and it helped that Michael A. Stackpole was the author, he’s just awesome. FYI, Stackpole is also known for writing some great Star Wars Novels (now considered part of the Legends series). And from that point, I just immersed myself in the Battletech universe, and boy, was the universe huge.

It’s a pity the franchise kinda slowed down after FASA sold it to Wizkids (who nearly destroyed the franchise). The franchise slowly recovered after Topps acquired it, but there still hasn’t been as much growth as compared to the 90s.

But the good news is, at least there’s a new Battletech game coming out, and it will be based on the 3025-era. You can check it out here and here.

Hopefully the game can rekindle interest in Battletech and we can see more novels and stuff come out.


Battletech Official

Battletech Board Game

Upcoming Battletech Game and the Kickstarter that started it.

Best Battletech Wiki

Battletech on Wikipedia

Michael A. Stackpole’s Website

Loren L Coleman’s website, another great author

Dagobah Diorama

Stumbled upon a cool article on a diorama bout the Dagobah scene from Empire Strikes Back. Not gonna post any images here, but you can check out the article using the link at the bottom of this post.

Must highlight that the website, Urban Ghosts, is a website that I regularly check out every now and then. They have lotsa cool articles on abandoned buildings and old military equipment. Check out the rest of the site if you have time.


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Dagobah Diorama
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SW:GOH Update

Time for an update on GOH. This is the top two rows of my squad:

Almost 7-starred everyone. I expect to finish Rey and Dooku by the end of the week. Royal Guard will require some time though, will be faster when I unlock the Cantina battle for him. I estimate by the end of next week or so. As for the rest, still have to gear them up, increase their abilities and get better mods. All this will be a slow grind, won’t be surprised if I only sort it out by the end of next month. Also have to level them up, credit crunch has been hitting me. Again this will require time.

For my next 12 characters, the focus is on Chewie, Cad Bane, 88 and Ahsoka.  Cad Bane will require 2 weeks and 88 bout 23 days for 7-stars.Chewie and Ahsoka prob bout 2-3 weeks. Will slowly work on Biggs and Datcha, while JC, Luke and Talia have lesser priority, will only work on them when the rest are sorted out.

The key to playing this game is focus and patience, challenging, but it’s worked well for me so far, plus I’ve had a good advisor. 

The slow grind continues…..


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Commando Comics

The Commando Comics series (Not to be confused with the 1985 Arnold movie) is something that I’ve been reading since the mid-80s. Four issues are published bi-weekly, but back then, whenever we went to the family magazine shop (which is still the same shop I go to up till today), my mom said I could only take 1. It was agonizing only being able to choose 1 issue, but such was life back then, my parents’ didn’t over indulge us. 

When I started working, I made it a point to buy every single issue, no more selecting just one. There were times I missed a few issues here and there due to shipment issues and miscellaneous other circumstances, so over the years, I’ve amassed a substantial collection which you can see in the picture below:

I have to highlight that in the bottom row, you can see there are some other books as well. One problem is that I have so many issues that I’m running out of space, and my wife is constantly asking me to get a new shelf, something I haven’t gotten round to doing.

In addition to the normal issues, I also bought some of the compilations, which you can see in the lower-right corner of the pic. These are the 12 in 1 books, real value for money if you ask me. I’ve yet to do an inventory of all the Commandos I have, something I will do one day. To give an idea of how many issues I have, each vertical stack in the top row is approximately 100 issues (I counted), so there’s easily 1200 in the top row alone. Sadly, it’s not a complete collection, as of right now, there have been 4900+ issues, so I’m at slightly less than a quarter. I do try to get old ones whenever I can, but it’s not so easy to find any issues that were printed before 2000. I did find some cbr versions online, but it’s not the same as having real ones.

Anyway, my collection will continue to grow, and hopefully one day I’ll provide a complete inventory of what I have.


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I’d like to talk a bit about Taekwondo, something that I’ve been doing for most of my life. Before I begin, if you are not familiar with Taekwondo (or TKD for short), please refer to the Wikipedia page here. Yes, most people have differing opinions regarding Wikipedia, but I find it sufficient enough for the purpose of this article. I would like to highlight that I learn ITF-style Taekwondo. Yes, you’re wondering what ITF means, well the Wikipedia link earlier provides an explanation on it, but let me sum it up my own way:

  1. Gen Choi founds Taekwondo and establishes the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF).
  2. Some disputes happen and the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is formed and has noticeable differences from ITF style TKD. ITF moves headquarters to Vienna.
  3. Along the way, some other Federations are formed, a number of them use ITF-style, some WTF-style.
  4. Gen Choi passes away in 2002, ITF splits into three different entities.

So the ITF organization I follow is based in Vienna and you can view their official website here. There is no special reason why I follow this organization, it’s just that my Grandmaster and Master who have trained me all this while follows this organization.

Anyway, enough introduction, back to the part where I said it’s something I’ve been doing most of my life. I first started learning TKD in 1986, I was 9 years old then (yes, you can go ahead and calculate my age now). I obtained my Black Belt (1st Dan/Degree) in 1992. So I continued actively training the next few years, and my plan was to take my 2nd Dan exam in 1996. Unfortunately, life got in the way, so by 1995 I slowly stopped attending classes, and it was basically a complete stop by the end of the year. In 97, I went overseas to study and when I came back in 2000, I did try starting TKD again, but unfortunately again, life got in the way yet again. So the first comeback failed, and 4-5 years after that, I tried another comeback, even bought a new black belt (coz my old one went missing) and a new uniform too, but again, it just didn’t work out.

So one day, in Nov 2014, I asked my eldest daughter (who was 5 at that time) if she wanted to learn TKD, and she asked me what TKD was. So I showed her some videos from YouTube, and she went “Daddy, Daddy, I want to learn this, please Daddy”, how could I say no? I wanted to her to start learning TKD anyway. So that weekend, I went to the place where I learned TKD, met up with my old Master and told him my daughter wanted to sign-up, and she immediately started class. I decided to make my comeback then, and it’s really a case of third time lucky because up till today, I’m still training and I finally took (and passed) my 2nd Dan exam in February this year, 20 years behind schedule. Better late than never I guess.

So TKD training will go on until further notice, it’s something I intend to continue doing until I can’t walk anymore. There will be more postings on TKD somewhere down the line, in the meantime, enjoy the links below.


International Taekwondo Federation Official Website

General Choi Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwondo

Taekwondo Background from Wikipedia

International Taekwondo Federation from Wikipedia

Taekwondo Wiki – Good site for information on everything TKD-related

ITF Patterns – Videos of all the ITF Patterns

Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0

So it was a bore draw in the end, the Mancs parked the bus and didn’t do much. I can’t really fault Mourinho for his tactics though, he did what any manager would do, if you can’t win, make sure you don’t lose.

What I do blame is the stupid fricking international break. This break never comes at the right time and Liverpool seldom plays well after an international break. Don’t believe me? Well refer to this article from This Is Anfield below:

International Hangover 

I’m not a fan of the IB, we lost Wijnaldum to injury this time (because he was played despite saying he wasn’t feeling good) and this is actually a good scenario, usually we end up with more injured players. And the hangover, God, I’m not gonna get into it, the article above sums it up.

Anyway, no point harping on what has happened, latest league table is below:

2 points off the top, that’s not too bad, and we’ve only played 3 home games, 7 out of 9 possible points, again, not too bad. Upcoming fixtures below:

The target now is to get maximum points from the next 5 league games, can’t afford anymore slip-ups. Until the next football update, YNWA!!!


Liverpool FC Official Website

Manchester United Website

Premier League Official Website

Liverpool Vs MU match reports:

Liverpool FC

This is Anfield